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Always Have a Building Supervisor Check if All Roof Tiles Are Installed Correctly

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14:49 PM

Always Have a Building Supervisor Check if All Roof Tiles Are Installed Correctly


If you plan to renovate your house or simply get a new place to live, make sure to check the roof tiles. If you realise that they have been outdated or find a leak somewhere, change them immediately. However, roof tiles installation can be a daunting process, for which you need to have a building supervisor by your side to ensure that the tiles are correctly installed.  


Role of a Building Supervisor

A site supervisor monitors the situation and manages everything from scratch. The following are some major roles of a building supervisor:


Quality Control

Before starting the project, ensure that the building supervisor approves of everything. With the help of the project manager, they inspect all the materials required for roof tiling and make sure that there are no defects. Once the inspection is completed, they instruct the worker to commence the project and keep tabs on their project as the project moves along.



A building supervisor knows the construction site the best. They are familiar with all the loopholes and pitfalls that might hinder the process of construction. Whenever you plan on getting remodelled tiles for your property, consult your building supervisor and have them approve your designs. They will know whether or not the designs you have chosen go with the building structure. If not, they will suggest another design that complements the building’s tone.


Safety Hazards

 A building supervisor ensures everything that’s been carried out complies with health and safety guidelines. They assess the situation, recognise hazards, conduct inspections, and determine the potential risks. This way, the entire process of roof tiling moves forward smoothly. 



Roof tiling can be a tedious job that requires hours to conclude. The tiles are attached from the roof with the help of nails. This intricate process involves supervision that only a building supervisor can offer. Once you have installed the roof tiles, always have a building supervisor check whether or not the tiles are installed correctly. Otherwise, a little loophole can lead to a big problem, letting the entire project down the drain.

Whenever you decide to get your roof tiles changed, make sure to get a professional that knows his craft. Once the project is concluded, consult your building supervisor to ensure that the tiles are correctly installed to avoid leaks and other construction issues.