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Ridge Caps

Rebedding Ridge caps and installing weep holes.

Weep holes allow moisture in the roof void to escape reducing moisture build up and possible leaks.

Whirly Bird Installation

Whirly Birds are a very effective and inexpensive method of reducing moisture in your roof void.

Note: Many colours are available.

Two Tone painting

Stand out from the rest - painting ridge caps a different colour from your tiles gives you the personal finish many home owners are looking for.

Tiling & Flashing

Re-bedding Gable Tiles and installing new fibro and Z-flash

With this roof repair, the gable tiles were removed as was the existing gable fibro. Following this, new gable fibro & Z-Flash was installed. The gable tiles are then re-bedded onto the Fibro & Z-Flash and pointed in flexible compound.

The new fibro and installation of Z-flash will increase the life-span of the gable and further protect your home against leaks.

Broken / chipped tiles

It is important to change all broken or damaged tiles for all roofs to prevent water leakage and to ensure the security of your home.  Our roof restoration process ensures that all necessary broken or chipped tiles are replaced.

Note: We do not use glue or silicone for broken or chipped tiles.

Additional Services

  • Pressure-washing
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Bird proofing
  • Gutter replacement

Roof Coating

Cleaning, priming and spraying.

Pointing Ridge Caps