Roof Cleaning and Restoration is Important for Any Home

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22/01/2021 18:16 PM
Most homeowners put in a lot of effort to keep their homes clean and presentable. This includes mowing the lawn, washing the deck, painting a room, etc. While these tasks are all great and do a lot to...

Painting Your Roof can Make Your Home Look Good as New

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02/06/2020 11:00 AM
As a homeowner you are likely aware that UV radiation, pollution, heavy rainfall and other weather events all take their toll on the appearance of your roof. But how much difference does a faded roof...

How to tell When it’s Time to Restore Your Roof

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12/11/2019 12:00 PM
Terracotta roof tiles are incredibly tough – they can last 75 years and more in scorching sun, driving rain and fierce winds. But they aren’t bullet-proof, and they do require maintenance. Don’t wait...