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Are your existing solar panels dirty & in need of a professional clean?

Solar panels are exposed to the harsh weather elements on a daily basis. Our professional solar panel cleaning team in Sydney will ensure your existing solar panels are operating at their best all year round. Utilising the latest solar cleaning equipment and water filtration methods, Sydney Roof Repairs and Restorations will make sure your panels are working more effectively; saving you time and money and ultimately reducing the need for costly repairs later down the track.

We can help with:

  • Removing tree branches, leaves, dust, debris, bird faeces, pollen & pollution
  • Eliminating solar panel stains, streaks, visible marks & mineral deposits to help maximise sunlight absorption
  • Increasing your energy conversion capacity, life expectancy & implementing regular maintenance schedules
  • High quality cleaning methods using the safest eco-friendly products

Our expert team offers the best in solar panel cleaning in Sydney at the most competitive rates. With over 25 years roofing experience, there’s no business better equipped to handle all your solar panel cleaning requirements.


Bird proofing & everyday cleaning solutions – Sydney

Bird droppings can be a frustrating thing to deal with around the home or workplace.

Whether they’re nesting inside your roof or causing visible damage to your paintwork, Sydney Roof Repairs and Restorations can put some simple bird proofing measures in place to prevent unwanted issues to your roofing structure.

Some of our bird management solutions include:

  • Hot silicone, bird wire, bird shock & bird slides
  • Professional netting & spikes as an effective deterrent

As an Australian and family owned business, we take great pride in delivering outstanding workmanship at every stage of the service process. Our fully trained team is ready to provide you with a comprehensive ‘bird problem’ assessment and deliver affordable proofing solutions to keep those pesky birds at bay.

We are experienced in all aspects of cleaning management, ensuring superior results and customer satisfaction with every project.

For professional solar panel cleaning or bird proofing in Sydney, give the experts a call today on 0404 180 333 for a prompt response.