How to tell When it’s Time to Restore Your Roof

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Terracotta roof tiles are incredibly tough – they can last 75 years and more in scorching sun, driving rain and fierce winds. But they aren’t bullet-proof, and they do require maintenance. Don’t wait until you detect water pooling in the ceiling to give your roof some attention. The next time you’re up cleaning the gutters, we suggest you check out the condition of your entire roof. It may well be that it’s due for restoration works.

What should you look for?

Signs Your Roof Needs Restoration

Your tiles have turned green – Mosses and lichens grow happily on the natural clay substrate which is terracotta tiles. If the issue was purely cosmetic, it would be entirely up to the homeowner’s aesthetic tastes whether they take action. Unfortunately moss and lichen build-up can actually impede water flow into your gutters. In serious cases, this can result in water making its way into your roof cavity and ceiling.

You’ve got cracked or chipped tiles – You’ll want to get this looked at ASAP as this can also result in water seeping into your roof cavity. Tiles can crack in the face of extreme weather events - large hail stones and falling tree branches are obvious culprits. But extreme heat and cold events can also cause older tiles to crack. If your roof is less than 25 years old, it’s likely that restoration works can fix the problem, however, if you roof is much older, numerous cracked tiles could indicate you need a complete roof replacement.

The mortar around the ridge caps is crumbling – What’s a ridge cap? It’s the pointy structure sealing the joint between two sections of a pitched roof and it’s held in place with concrete. Crumbling is a common problem as the smooth surfaces of terracotta tiles are not an ideal surface for concrete to adhere to. It’s important to get this looked at, because ridge caps that aren’t secured can actually be blown off your roof in fierce weather.

If you have a rainwater tank and you’re worried about water quality – Terracotta tiles are in and of themselves non-toxic but you might still have a problem with water quality, particularly if you’ve got an old roof. Rust build-up in valleys and chimney flashings, mould, and lichen growth and general pollutant build-up on your roof can mean you’re getting some nasty flavours and potential health concerns in with your drinking water. A full roof restoration will resolve this problem.

What to Expect When you Need Roof Restoration

You’ll hear people tramping about up there because the process involves a complete inspection of your roof to identify any of the above problems.  Your roofing contractor should then replace all damaged tiles, repair any leaks and bed down loose tiles plus re-bed any loose ridge caps AND completely clean your roof. At Sydney Roof Repairs and Restorations we also have the capacity to install new whirly birds, guttering, downpipes and roof valleys.

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