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Painting Your Roof can Make Your Home Look Good as New

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11:00 AM

As a homeowner you are likely aware that UV radiation, pollution, heavy rainfall and other weather events all take their toll on the appearance of your roof. But how much difference does a faded roof make to your property’s appearance really? Let’s take a look…

Your Roof has a BIG Impact on Property Appearance

If you think roofs don’t matter, consider the Sydney Opera House or the Casa Del Acantilado in Spain. Yes, these are extreme examples, but what these structures illustrate vividly is that the appearance of your roof can have a big impact on your property’s overall appearance.

When you select the right colour of paint to match your exterior features, you can achieve the following:

  • Enhanced curb-side appeal – the neighbours will love you especially if your roof was starting to become an eyesore!
  • Anti-ageing – your house will magically look new (providing the rest of the exterior is in good condition of course!)
  • Melding between home and gardens – choosing the right colour for your roof can help your house and surrounds sync better, creating a complementary look

Not only will it look amazing, and give you an extra burst of pride in your property, a new coat of paint on your roof can have other benefits too…

Other Benefits of Painting Your Roof

Increasing the value of your home – It’s a tried and true maxim that if you want to sell your house, you’ll get a better price if you focus on upgrading cosmetic features (those that are seen) as opposed to hidden features (like wiring or insulation). Your roof is one of the absolute FIRST cosmetic features prospective buyers are likely to notice when viewing your house. First impressions count; the condition of your roof can create a strong impression about the overall value and condition of your property. If your roof is tired and faded it can act as a deterrent to buyers; they may look no further, presuming the interior of the property is in similar condition!

Improving your home’s energy efficiency – you can find a range of quality heat-reflecting roof paints on the market today. When used in conjunction with traditional insulation, these types of paints can reduce the amount of heat making its way into your home; thus, helping you save on cooling costs. Note to achieve maximum energy savings, we recommend looking at a combination of strategies, like installing a radiant barrier on the roof structure, installing thermal pane windows and planting shade trees strategically around your house.

How Often Should I Paint My Roof?

Painted concrete tile, metal and composite roofs all fade over time and require cyclical repainting to restore that brand-new lustrous look. However, the length of time roof paint lasts depends on several factors including:

  • The quality of the previous painting job
  • The type of paint that was used
  • The roofing material itself
  • The climate
  • The colour of your roof – some colours naturally fade better than others

As a general guide, we recommend you re-paint your roof every ten to fifteen years to ensure it keeps its good looks intact. However, your best clue will be a visual inspection.

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