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Painting your home? Here are 3 things to consider

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10:17 AM

Every once in a while, you may decide to change up your wardrobe. The get yourself some new pants, maybe a new style for shirts. Maybe you were going for some new colours. You want to give yourself a makeover.

You can do the same thing for your home, deciding that it is time to repaint it or to get a new roof or refurbish your roof. Maybe you never thought of these tasks as a makeover before, but changing the colours can give your home an entirely new look. However, there are some things you need to consider before getting started on painting your home.


Identify the Palette You Want

Most people think that the best place to start is by choosing the colours that you want. However, you want to think a little bigger than this. Where you want to start is by identifying the palette or array of colours that can be used.

This starts with your roof, deck, patio, or other structures located directly on or around your home. For example, if you have a red hued roof, then that limit some of the types of colours you could use to paint your home. After all, a red roof and pink coloured house would not look very good. The same is true if you have trims and doors that are more neutral in colour. This may make it so that neutral colours are the best choice for the painting of your home as well.


Find the Right Type of Paint

Beyond the colour of your paint or paints, you also want to make sure that you choose the right type of paint as well. There are some paints that are far better for specific regions of Australia, and so you want to choose something that can handle the weather and elements. Extreme heat can wreak havoc on your paint, so you want something that can withstand temperatures in the 40s.

The opposite extreme is true as well. If you face heavy rains, snow, or strong winds, you need paint that can not only withstand these conditions, but is easy to clean as well. You may find dirt and other debris continuously plastered on the side of your house. You want a paint that allows you to wash that debris off your house by simply spraying it with the garden hose.


Check the Weather!

One of the biggest mistakes that people who decide to paint their own home will make is that they do not look at the long-range weather forecast. Do not just see that it is going to be sunny tomorrow and think that is the perfect day to paint your home. Make sure that the weather is conducive for painting for at least a week.

Keep in mind that you may plan to have your entire home done in a day or two, but life happens. You may get called away for an emergency, or have some other events occur that delays your completion of the job. This is why you need to ensure you have at least five or six days of good weather.

Also, you want temperatures that make it so you will want to be outside. If it is in the 40s, you are not going to want to be painting.

Keep these tips in mind and your repainting project will be a lot more constructive for you.