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Different roof types & their benefits?

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10:08 AM

We don’t often think about it because it is literally over our heads, but your roof is one of the most important structures of your home. Not only is it keeping you safe from the elements, but its design is important in many ways as well. This includes how snow and debris are able to build up on the structure. Depending upon the type of structure you have, clutter may slide right off. If you live in an area where snow is frequent and where there are many trees around your home, the style of roof becomes an important consideration.

You also need to consider how to refurbish your roof. Over time, shingles or tiles can become dingy and faded. This may lead you to want to paint your roof to give it a renewed look, so the roof and its materials need to accommodate the ability to paint. As you can see, there are some important factors to consider. While there are many types of groups, here are five of the most common and their benefits.



Gable is one of the most common types, and there are actually a few different styles, including box and opened. Gable easily shakes off water and snow, and it provides additional space in the attic area. The vaulted ceilings allow for ventilation and give you plenty of room, maybe even enough for you to have a separate room. While not meant for high winds and hurricane areas, they are perfect for cold weather regions.



Hips are more stable than Gable types of groups, as there is an inward slope on all four sides of the structure. This helps to make it more durable and stable. However, these types of roofs are usually more expensive as well. If you live an area where there are high winds and potential for hurricanes, you may find that it is worth the price.



Mansard roofs, also called French roofs, is a four-sided roof that contains a double slope on each side. This helps it to form a low-pitched roof. The lower slope is much deeper than the upper. This design helps to create a lot of extra living space, as there is a great deal of space in the attic which can be used as an extra room. Not only does it look good, but this additional functionality makes it ideal for those who were looking to maximize all their space. However, this is not a roof built for heavy snowstorms.


The Gambrel roof is much like a mansard in that it has two different slopes, but the Gambrel only has two sides. This gives it a barn or log cabin like look, still affording it the additional space in the attic. However, this design is not ideal for high winds, so you want to live in an area where the winds are not as strong.


Flat Roof

The flat roof is just as the name would describe. There is very little or no pitch to allow water to run offer drain. This is often seen in industrial or commercial buildings, but there are some who have this for residential as well. The major benefit to the flat roof is that it creates the ideal space for a patio or garden on your roof. You have a penthouse view from the top of your structure.

Anyone of these roofs is great. It just depends upon your choice of style and the location where you live.