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This is why roofing restorations are not a DIY job for most

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11:36 AM

When it comes to home care, one of the most frequently ignored areas is the roof. Many homeowners make investments in the landscaping and paintwork of their homes but neglect to examine the roofing.

Thanks to the plethora of information, tutorials, and DIY instructions available on the internet, certain roofing problems appear to be straightforward to resolve. Some homeowners decide to take matters into their own hands and handle the repairs themselves.

Rooftop repairs, however, are challenging jobs that call for the training and experience of experts. Here, we will explain why roofing restorations are not a DIY job:


Incorrect Identification of the Underlying Issue

If you proceed with do-it-yourself roof repairs, you are more likely to make an incorrect assessment of the underlying issue. You might think that you understand what is causing the issue, yet the root cause might still be different than what you perceive.

Roof issues can arise from various reasons, many of which are difficult for the untrained to identify. If you make the wrong diagnosis, you can wind up ignoring serious roof problems and can make matters worse.


Additional Roof Damage

The risk of performing DIY roof repairs is that you can end up doing more harm than good. You might be forced to walk on hot shingles, which can cause "balding" by removing the surface grains.

Additionally, you run the risk of nailing the improper area of the roof flashing, which could lead to a leak. This is why expert roofers strongly advise against performing DIY roof repairs. You can end up causing more problems than you solve, which could cost you more in the long run.


Hazard of Injury

If you attempt to fix the roof yourself, the chances of you ending up at the hospital will be high. Working at a height puts you in danger, particularly if you're untrained. Professional roofers, on the other hand, are taught to follow safety protocols. Roofers safeguard themselves with proper clothing and footwear to ensure they can safely move around and navigate the roof. It would be in your best advantage to delegate the roof repair project to professional roofers since they have more knowledge and expertise in the area.

Knowledge Required for Accurate Assessment

Before any repairs and restorations, your roof would have to be thoroughly inspected and evaluated from top to bottom, to check for any signs of damage. There will be numerous broken or damaged tiles and metal sheets that have been pierced by hail or falling objects, and even old tiles that could break. Professional contractors will also examine the roof to see whether any particular portions of the roof are leaking. The length of the evaluation process could be an hour or longer, depending on the size of the roof.

If you are not trained for the task or if you lack the knowledge and expertise, you might miss out on important details that only a professional would be able to note.


Final Thoughts

Although a roof, whether it is made of tile or colour bond metal, can be relatively robust, parts of it might get damaged without our knowing due to extreme weather and other environmental factors. Water leakage into your home could be caused by a single cracked roof tile. Many homeowners take matters into their own hands and decide to fix their roofs after watching a couple of tutorials online.

However, it is always best to call in the pros for roof restoration. For more details, please contact us